Durable High Performance Jewelry Tags with black sensor mark - TJT-360 1.875"W x 1.00"H

  • Print Type: Thermal Transfer
A rat-tail tag not like the rest. Stacked print areas versus the typical side by side. A popular tag with Logicmate (R) software users.

Made using Perma-Loc™ adhesive for superior strength and longevity.

The black sensing mark aides in calibrating with your printer using the reflective sensor printer feature. To ensure best print results we recommend using our compatible thermal transfer ribbons.

Logicmate(R) users be sure to choose the tails left option to ensure compatibility with your software template.

Colors and preprinted logo's are available, please contact customer service for details. (800) 851-9644 Tel 
Recommended Use

High end jewelry
Diamond rings
Custom jewelry pieces
Hand made or one of a kind jewelry
Beads and Crystals
Glass ornaments
Fine china and stemware

For any time that ultrasonic cleaning is used or you do not want the potential to leave residue behind on product.

What is Film Type?

745 Premium w/ Black Line
A clear gloss poly combination film with various patterned adhesive / non-adhesive zones.

What is Core Size?

1" inner core diameter comes with an 5" outer roll diameter for desktop printers; Example: (ZT1300, TLP3844, TLP2844, E4203, E4204, Ci, Cxi)

3" inner core diameter comes with an 8" outer roll diameter for high capacity printers; Example: (ZT1300, 105SE, 105SL, Z4M, Z6M, I4208, CL408, CL412)